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Recep Öztürk
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2021 Volume 11
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Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2011,
Page(s): 25-33
  Conceptual Review  
A new approach in higher education finance policy: cost sharing
  Filiz Gölpek (E-mail)
Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Gazikent University, Gaziantep, Turkey
Education is a powerful influence on individuals' earning capacity and economic growth in the consensus of economists, as a human approach to human capital. This approach is an educational service of international standard production, large investments in physical capital and human capital investments have increased the quality high. This increase for large-scale investments in education to have a solid and continuous financial resources has become of great importance and priority. In particular, the process of economic growth in developing countries, rational use of resources is of great importance. In the economic crisis, the heavy cost of education has led to look for ways to alleviate. This is one of the ways, the higher the costs met from public funds is shifting to individuals. Accordingly, the higher education service revenues compared to expenditures of individuals have to be taken advantage of the first degree. There are also about the justification for such events in the defense of a thesis. Depending on this justification, the purpose of this study will provide a technical framework for higher education finance policy is to provide cost sharing. Before the study, in general, the higher education finance policy are discussed, and then briefly addressed the conceptual framework, cost sharing methods. At the conclusion of this study is the most suitable one for the purpose of the proposed methods, which have been revealed to be a general result.
Keywords: Cost sharing, efficiency, finance, higher education.
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